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Various pictures taken during the final review.

Sestri Levante. Final review. Affordances demo.

Sestri Levante. Final review. Affordances demonstration.

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The 1st RobotCub Open Day

The RobotCub 1st Open Day

The First RobotCub open day will be held next July 14 in Genova, Italy.

RobotCub is an EU-funded research project on embodied cognition started on September 2004. It places particular emphasis on the developmental emergence of cognitive skills through manipulation, imitation, and gestural communication.

The RobotCub project is building a 54 degree-of-freedom humanoid robot:­ the iCub ­shaped as a two-year-old infant. The iCub will be
freely-available to the research community under GPL/FDL including the hardware and software. We hope eventually to make iCub the platform of choice for researchers in embodied cognition.

Openday program

The open-day will be organized in four sessions (see also the link on the right) :

  1. Review of the (embryonic) iCub models of cognition
  2. Overview of the iCub mechatronic humanoid
  3. Discussion of iCub co-development of physical morphology and
    cognitive skills
  4. External perspectives: invited keynote speech and suggestions by guests on the development of the iCub

We hope that you can participate and send us your views on how best orient our work to make it of the greatest use to the research community at large (the design of iCub is at a critical stage and suggestions from the community will help us make it a better and more acceptable platform).

For those who cannot attend the meeting in person we offer the possibility of following the meeting either in video conference or watching the live streaming of the event:

  • To connect to the RobotCub videoconference you can use either an hardware or software videoconference solution supporting the Audio-Video standard H.323. The IP address to connect to is the following:
    On a windows platform you can use Microsoft NetMeeting (installed by default with Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP) and to connect to the videoconference select the command “New Call” from the menu “Call” and simply insert the IP address as shown above. If you don’t find Microsoft NetMeeting in your Start menu, click on “run..” in the Start menu and type “conf.exe”. On a Linux platform you can use GnomeMeeting. To connect to the videoconference insert in the URL address field h323: and then click on the "Connect" button.
  • To receive the Robotcub OpenDay Audio-Video streaming you can use any media player capable of receiving audio-video streams (i.e. Microsoft MediaPlayer, VideoLan, WinAmp) and connect to the following URL mms:// For example, on a windows platform you can simply use Microsoft Media Player (at least version 8) and select the “Open URL..” command from the “File” menu then insert the URL as indicated above.

For technical information about the connection contact Matteo Brunettini ( matteo.brunettini _(at)_ robotcub.org ).

More information:

Videoconferencing howto

Streaming howto