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Deliverable number Title Due month File(s) Status
D1.1.2 1st Year Activity Report (composed of several documents) 12 Activity Report - PDF - 4.13MBytes

Management Report - PDF - 185KBytes

Forms C and summary financial report - PDF - 118KBytes

Distribution of community contribution - PDF - 26KBytes

Annex I revision for the 2nd year - PDF - 202KBytes
D1.1.1 Interim report (also included in D1.1.2) 6 PDF file Complete
D1.2 CUB's Licensing Strategy 3 PDF file Complete
D1.3 Periodic Cost Statements 12 Forms C and summary financial report - PDF - 118KBytes

D1.4 Project's Meeting 3*n Meetings folders Complete
D1.5 Audit Review Meetings 12   In progress
D2.1 Developmental Roadmap and Cognitive Architecture 12 PDF file Complete
D5.1 Interpreting the Kinematics of Arm Motion 6 PDF file Complete
D5.2 Visual Recognition and Imitation 12 PDF file Complete
D6.1 Results from Computational Models of Gesture Communication 12 PDF file Complete
D7.2 Analysis and pre-selection of the sensor's and actuator's technologies 12 PDF file Complete
D8.1 Initial Specification of the CUB Open System 12 PDF file - approx 9MBytes Complete
D8.2 Definition of Documentation and Manufacturing Procedures 12 PDF file Complete
D9.1 Proceedings of the Initial Scientific Meeting 6 Slides and docs from the meetings Complete

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